Sexuality consultations

“I’m not in the mood anymore!” – women most often describe their sex life blockages.
“I cannot do this anymore!” – men most frequently describe sexual blockages.

Most frequently, psychological blockages appear between 35-40 years.

Normal sex life is a result of a couple being perfectly healthy, both physically and mentally.

Sometimes, blockages that appear in a couple’s sexual relations can be the consequence of one or both partneres having other organic dysfunctions, when one or more organs of the body do not function at normal capacity – heart, pancreas, thyroid, uterus, testicles.

Most often, they have psychological causes, built up in childhood and adolescence and which, at 35-40 years old, end up manifesting themselves in sexual life through… lack of it. And different blockages/reactions to stress.

This is how the impossibility of obtaining sexual pleasure appears.

How does a consultation go?

The specialist consultation is addressed to both women and men.

At first, it will be assessed the state of health of both partners. Afterwards, the doctor who specialises in sexuality-related problems will try to see what is causing the psychological blockage.

The specialist will evaluate your way of communicating, connecting and relating to others and with each other (a communication pattern). Based on this pattern, you will work together to overcome the blockages that lead to physical and emotional difficulties in your sexual life.

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